How to Choose an SEO Auditing Service

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How to Choose an SEO Auditing Service

Website Audit Service aims at optimizing your websites by identifying the key problems, areas for improvement, and offering possible solutions. Website audits are performed by professional analysts who keep a close eye on all website aspects and look for website deficiencies. These flaws then become the opportunities for improvement. Website auditing is a specialized activity which involves the evaluation and management of website’s technical infrastructure and functionality. Website audit is a detailed examination, which helps to enhance and maximize the usability and relevance of a website.

The service is available for small to medium scale businesses. Website auditing includes evaluation of website performance, optimization of web pages for better search engine rankings, and checking for usability and user experience. The main areas of focus are website performance, user experience, SEO friendly design, loading speed and user privacy protection. An audit report is written in non-technical jargon so that you can understand the audit findings easily.

You would need to understand what search engines see and what they leave out when evaluating your websites. This helps you understand your current page ranking in search engines and the need for improvement. Search engine optimization improves your website’s ranking in the search engines. The basic purpose of SEO is to make your website more visible to users searching for particular terms or phrases. audit report helps in understanding the objectives and procedures of search engine optimization.

Website audit service provides reports that analyze the technical aspects of your site and identify the problems. While performing website audit service, these technical issues are often ignored. This results in search engine optimization efforts that are not focused and may sometimes have adverse consequences. If the technical issues are ignored, the rankings of your website may also be negatively affected.

These days most companies undertake website audit service to understand user experience and analyze them in terms of usability. These audits also help them understand the importance of website design and find ways of improving user experience. The common technical issues that get ignored during audits include broken links, missing META info, missing alt image texts and other such issues. For broken links, it may be necessary to add a new link for your homepage.

While performing website audit service, the audit team will provide you with proper guidelines to follow to improve your user experience. An important element in user experience is navigation and while a good SEO strategy ensures that your site is easy to navigate, it does not guarantee that your users will find your content easy to read and understand. A weak navigation strategy can also result in usability problems and this can adversely affect your reputation among your customers.

Other technical issues that are often ignored by SEO experts during website audit service includes missing backlinks, missing alt image text or other similar problems. Missing links can significantly decrease your rankings on major search engines and these issues need to be addressed immediately. Similarly, you need to check the alt image texts and other external links that point to your website so that they are properly maintained.

The above mentioned are only some of the technical issues that need to be addressed during website audit service. Overall, it can be said that most of the technical issues discussed in website audit services include only few errors. However, it is better to address all the technical issues to ensure a better user experience and hence better search engine rankings.

A complete website audit service will provide comprehensive action points to help you assess and remedy the problems identified during the process. The action points may include user interface design, content optimization, usability and many more. However, when you are considering a particular company to provide you with SEO audit and optimization, make sure that they follow a simple structured approach. Ideally, they would provide you with three to five action points. If they fail to address the first and the last point, then look somewhere else.

In order to execute a successful SEO audit service, it is important to have a website audit report. A thorough report will help you understand the issues that you have faced and suggest possible solutions. While creating an SEO audit report, use a checklist structure. For example, create a ‘topics’ section for each of the technical issues that were identified. Then, create sub topics and move down the checklist based on the priority level of each technical issue.

When it comes to the web design audit, make sure that they follow a standard format. Some companies may provide web design templates that they use for every project. This will save you a lot of time. Therefore, if you wish to know about the audit process and the web design audits, make sure that they use a web design audit template.