SEO Competitive Analysis – Do You Know What’s Really Going on With Your Competition?

If you are an aspiring online marketer, then you need an SEO Competitive Analysis Template to build a sound foundation for your business. With these powerful tools, you will be able to effectively elevate your online presence by leaps and bounds. Competition in today’s world is the strongest since the inception of the internet. The only way to stay ahead is to step it up with powerful SEO tools. SEO Competitive Analysis Template is an ideal way to do that.

SEO Competitive Analysis

This SEO Competitor Analysis template will guide you through all the important steps you have to take to deploy a complete analytical study. Below the pie chart, you will discover a detailed explanation of all the major steps. In short, we have tried to make the following steps as simple and clear as possible, so just grab your largest cup of coffee and enjoy your day. Select the keywords that you think will be the most effective for your business, then find websites that use those same keywords in the title, URL and meta tags. Find out what keywords and URL elements your competitors are using.

You should also take note of any links that direct to your competitor’s website from a similar domain name. These links could represent either your competitor’s page rank. See if the ranking of those pages has improved since last time you checked. Perform a Google search on each of the pages and compare their relative PageRank. If they possess a higher PageRank than yours, then you have a problem, but if they are within the same ranking range, there’s a good possibility that your competitor has utilized SEO friendly tactics.

You should now be able to understand why you must conduct an SEO Competitive Analysis. By analyzing your competitors, you will be able to identify what keywords and URL elements that enable your website to achieve the highest search results rankings. This way you will be able to improve the effectiveness of SEO practices and increase the traffic volume. It will also help you identify any loopholes that your competitors are able to exploit.

There are two major techniques of SEO, the first one is to produce high search volume content and the second is to build a high quality, targeted website. However, many businesses often opt for both tactics at the same time. Unfortunately this approach will not get you anywhere. The ideal scenario is to build a website targeted to a specific product but with high search volume contents.

The next step in conducting an SEO Competitive Analysis is to identify your competitors. To do this, type the keyword into a search engine and look at the page results that come out. Try to identify the anchor text used by your competitor and try to imitate it using anchor text tools available online such as the Google Keyword Research Tool. Also try to analyze the keywords and backlinks that were used by your competitor.

Your next step should be to determine whether your competitor has done something unique to set them apart from the competition. For instance, if you find that they have a high number of backlinks from social bookmarking sites, it is likely that they have used one of the popular bookmarking services. If you discover that they have nofollow backlinks, it is probably because they do not have a page rank of their own and have not been getting much direct traffic from it. Other SEO Competitive Analysis techniques include finding out the Page Rank (PR) of websites that have similar products or services that are on your own site, determining the amount of nofollow links your competitor has and analyzing whether your site is getting link-backs from internal and external domains.

SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, has revolutionized how websites are ranked. Now it is possible for a small business to compete with the giants of the industry. For many people, SEO is not just about building up backlinks; it is also about using effective keyword and anchor text research to dominate in the search engine rankings. In order to get the best SEO results, it is important to do your own SEO Competitive Analysis.