Using Yoast SEO WordPress Plugins to Optimize Your Site For Google

Improving your WordPress search engine optimization is critical for receiving increased website traffic. Unfortunately many common WordPress SEO strategies are simply too advanced for beginning users to begin profiting from their websites. However, if you’re serious about increasing your site traffic, you absolutely must pay close attention to the best WordPress SEO practices. In this article we will discuss some simple methods that you can begin implementing right away to increase your rankings.

Wordpress SEO

Optimizing your WordPress website is easy but there are certain best practices you should follow. First of all, one thing you should do in order to optimize your site is to use keywords in your titles and meta tags. Keyword stuffing isn’t going to do you any good and can actually hurt your rankings. As someone who works as a freelance writer and editor, I am always amazed at how many clients are unable to optimize their sites with SEO. Keywords should be used naturally in your content.

Another important method of WordPress search engine optimization is using sitemap generators. WordPress has an amazing plugin called All-in-One-Sitemap that allows you to optimize all your pages with just one click of your mouse. This plugin allows you to create sitemaps for all of you’re pages, login menus, footers, and more. There are literally thousands of different ways you can optimize your site with this great plugin.

Finally, you want to make sure you’re using a unique plugin name for each page of your site. The WordPress Sitemap generator plugin automatically generates the sitemap for you. Using a totally different name for every page can cause problems and is actually considered spam. So make sure you change your plugin name when optimizing your site.

One final step to optimizing your site with WordPress is to optimize your header and meta description fields. Your post and download counter will be much higher if you have optimized your header and meta description fields. WordPress also has an awesome plugin called All-in-One-Sitemap that makes optimizing your headers and meta descriptions easier than ever before. When choosing an all-in-one plugin, you also want to make sure it is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). Some people are afraid of this and don’t want to spend money on a WYSIWYG editors, but it really isn’t that difficult and there are tons of free ones out there.

There are some things you can do on your site to increase your rankings with Google and other search engines. Using a keyword rich title tag is essential. The title of your post and any of the URL’s in your post will be important factors when Google and other search engines determine where your site should show up in their results. Also try to use descriptive titles for each page of your site. This will help keep Google from sending you so many unrelated sites that you won’t get traffic.

When it comes to SEO WordPress plugins are still the best way to optimize your site and keep it from being blacklisted by the search engines. WordPress has some amazing plugins that will take the guesswork out of how to optimize your site. You can change the title, description and keywords for any post or page easily and quickly with one of the many available SEO plugins. There are many plugins that will also make your sitemap easy to create and view.

As you can see, you can easily optimize your site without paying a lot of money to have someone optimize it for you. Using WordPress allows you to keep control of the look and feel of your site while still making it highly searchable. I recommend trying some of the free plugins to see how they work. Then once you decide which ones you want to use, simply install them and watch as your site starts ranking higher than ever.