Your Keyword Research Processes – Part II

Keyword Research

Your Keyword Research Processes – Part II

Keyword research is an important process search engine optimisation experts use to identify and investigate search terms that users enter in search engines while searching for particular goods, services or information. Keywords are intimately related to searches, which are typically made by users on search engines looking for information. They are the terms users type into the search box in order to be directed towards the information they require. It stands to reason then that if you want your website to appear for these users, you need to optimise your website for this purpose, and keyword research can help you achieve just that. Let’s take a look at how a few simple steps can make your website more competitive.

The first step in engaging in keyword research for your website is to identify search terms people use when searching for your particular goods and services. This process can be done by using Google’s Keyword Tool. Enter a set of keywords into the tool bar and click “Search”, then “Insights”. The next page you will see is a list of all available matches – in other words, every time someone enters a search term matching your choice, an alert will be shown in which you can click to get more details on the search terms your competitors are using. Note that you will most likely have to wait a number of days before you have an opportunity to examine all the potential matches, but it is worth the wait when trying to compete with your competition.

The next step in engaging in keyword research for your website is to analyse the available data to identify the best keywords and phrases. In order to do this, you should consider how users are searching for these keywords. Some users search for one phrase, for example “online casino”. Other searchers search for a broad range of phrases which may include variations on these keywords. Determining your competition’s keywords is relatively easy once you have determined how users are searching for them. By analysing your competition’s search volume and then modifying your content strategy to incorporate these keywords, you can increase your search volume and consequently your traffic.

Your keyword research should provide you with two main goals: one, to identify keywords and phrases that best describe your product and service; and two to identify potential buyers. The first step is almost certainly an objective in itself; however, the second step is more subjective. For example, if you identify a keyword that your customers are specifically using to find your service, you should try to see if you can incorporate this keyword into your website. A great example of this would be to include “online casino” in your landing page. The next step in this journey would be to identify the buyer of your product or service.

You should note that your journey does not stop with the initial keyword research stage. As you build your website, you should continue to monitor your rankings and see what other people are doing in terms of ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask and MSN. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use Google Analytics. This free tool allows you to set up custom modules that will enable you to view the most popular pages on your site as well as those that get the most clicks. You will quickly learn what keywords or phrases your competitors are using to market their products and services. As well as monitoring rankings, you will also learn what other people are searching for, in order to tailor your landing pages and content even further.

Another great tool that you should make use of when creating a keyword strategy is called Micro-Niche Finder. This tool enables you to identify the exact keywords your competitors are using in order to rank well in Google. You can then modify your own content and pages in order to target these keywords and create a better impact on Google. If you want to really boost your Google rank, you need to be looking at these top keywords and writing articles based on them. A good keyword strategy is the backbone to any successful internet marketing campaign and it should never be ignored.

Keyword research can also help you understand your customers’ journey and how you should always be evolving your offer and the customer’s journey to stay with you. The best way to make money online is to continuously build relationships with your target audience on a daily basis. You need to have an understanding of the role that the customer plays in your business. You need to ensure that the right people are buying from you and that the customers you have are buying from you. The easier you make it for your customers to buy from you, the happier they will be and the more likely they will come back to purchase again.

Finally, the final part of your keyword research process should include the use of social media. Social media provides a great opportunity to not only expose your product or service to your target audience but also gives you the chance to interact with them in a more personal way. Ultimately, a good keyword strategy is all about ensuring that you connect with your target audience on all levels and this can be done effectively through social media.